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Oenological Advice

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Oenological, viticultural and training advice

  • Oenological Advice

    Oenological advice for wineries.
    Analytical controls of wines.
    Determination of personalized protocols, depending on the type of wine to be elaborated and its terroir.
    Introduction of new technologies during vinification.
    Monitoring of the aging and evolution of the wines.
    Choice of coupages or final assemblies.

  • Viticultural advice

    Agronomic and economic evaluation of plots, soil analysis.
    Determination of the optimum graft or pattern for the soil and climatic conditions of the land.
    Proposals for amendments and basic fertilizers, in new plantations or corrections of the already existing.
    Planning work in the field, parasitic control and diseases of the vineyard.
    Control of the maturation of the grape and choice of the optimum moment of harvest.

  • Formative advice

    Tasting courses in Valladolid and Castilla y León
    Intensive Oenology courses.
    Wine tourism in Castilla y León.